NEVER TOO LATE: Frank Mohr isn't going to be putting the tools down anytime soon.
NEVER TOO LATE: Frank Mohr isn't going to be putting the tools down anytime soon. Patrick Woods

82-year-old's quest to build 17 foot boat

FOR Frank Mohr, giving up on his dreams just wasn't an option.

At 82 years old, and in the midst of the time when he and his wife Claire should be winding down, Mr Mohr is only just getting started.

It is only now he has the time to achieve something he has always wished for - building his very own boat.

And this is not just something small. The vessel will take many months in the making and be more than 17-feet.

"I wanted to build a boat when I was 21 and I didn't get a chance," he said.

"Then I wanted to build a boat when I was running a motel in Gympie later in life.

"In September last year we decided it was time."

Mr Mohr said as well as achieving his own goals, he wanted to prove to others they should never give up.

"You don't give up on your dream," he said.

"You're never too old to achieve a dream.

"I just want to encourage others to give it a go.

"It doesn't matter what you do in life, it just matters if you try."

Mr Mohr has a fully qualified tutor guiding him through the project.

He said it was not an easy feat proving to him he could get the job done.

"My tutor, Bruce McConkey, of Noosaville, has built many boats himself," he said.

"I read his name in one of the magazines and we spent three hours talking before he would sell me a plan."

His wife Claire, while sceptical at first, has supported him every step of the way.

She said she never realised it was going to be so difficult.

"It's very time-consuming and a lot can go wrong and then you have to rectify it," she said. "Sometimes it's a bit too much and you think you want to walk away.

"But Frank never would."

Mrs Mohr said the project was coming along nicely and she could not wait until the day the finished product could be unveiled.

"There's a lot to do before before you even get started," she said.

"It's been a huge learning curve, the whole thing.

"There's so much stuff you use that you've never used before."

The pair have also had an affinity with the trades and while their lives have taken them far and wide they're happy to where it has finally accumulated.

"Frank's been doing a lot of little things for a long time," Mrs Mohr said.

"I was raised on a farm, so there was always something being built there."

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