Gympie's famous mummy blogger Jody Allen shows us all how to save.
Gympie's famous mummy blogger Jody Allen shows us all how to save.

8 ways to save $1000 before Easter

OUR favourite mummy-blogger Jody Allen of Stay at Home Mum fame will have us all enjoying Easter with fuller pockets this year with these great money-saving tips.

Jody tells us 8 ways to save $1000 before Easter:

The Easter School holidays are fast approaching... and if you are dreading the cost of the Easter Bunny visiting, together with feeding both family and friends over the holidays, the financial drain on families can easily get out of hand!

So let's all go on a diet - a money saving diet - so we have enough to cover the cost of Easter!

So here are eight easy and do-able ways for families to save $1000 before the Easter holidays!


The $50 Weekly Shop by Jody Allen
The $50 Weekly Shop by Jody Allen

1. Check out Discount Online Stores for Easter Chocolate

If you can avoid it - don't buy your Easter goodies at the supermarket - you will pay top dollar for them. Instead, have a look out for sales on discount apps. Another good place to look is your local hardware store, I've seen discounted Easter Eggs at my local Mitre 10 - much cheaper than the supermarket - so shop around and keep your eyes open for a good deal.

Even better, don't buy Easter eggs at all, just give good quality chocolate bars (if your children are a bit older).

Great online stores for Easter Goodies include:

  • Ozsale
  • Groupon
  • Catch of the Day
  • Scoupon

You can even set up a 'Google Alert' so that Google looks for sales on Easter goods for you!

How much can you save? Up to $50 per child depending on how much chocolate they eat at Easter time!

2. Download the New Breed in Money Saving Apps

Apps are getting so clever now - they can even link with your bank accounts to help you save money! I'm particularly fond of an app called 'Acorns' that rounds up to the nearest dollar, every dollar you spent out of your bank account.

For example, you buy a coffee for $4.30, the app will automatically charge you $5.00 - and will put the difference of 70c into an account, which will then be invested into the stockmarket for you!

You can also nominate an amount to be direct debited from your account daily - and put into your stock market savings accounts. Best of all, you can pull all your money out at any time.

How much can you save? LOTS!!! Yes it is still your own money, but if you are saving say $15 per day - between now and Easter than can add up fast!

Up to $210

3. Start Baking for Your Freezer

If you have visitors coming over Easter, your food bill can easily get out of control. So why now start preparing for Easter right now by cooking some delicious and easy freezable foods so you don't have to go out for dinner or buy big on a fancy piece of meat.

Filling and delicious foods that freeze well that are great for entertaining include:

  • Mini Quiches
  • Zucchini Slice
  • Curries
  • Pizza Muffins

Ditch those cheese platters and the chip and dip, and go for filling wholesome homemade food instead.

How much can it save you: Up to $80 per night with visitors

4. Don't buy Flowers for Mum, Visit a Market Instead!

It seems traditional to buy Mothers and Mothers-in-law a bunch of colourful flowers at Easter time. Each bunch from a florist will cost up upwards of $80 each!

There are many flower markets and flower farms local to most Capital Cities now, visit them instead, even better, take Mums with you and let them choose their own. Save at least 50% on the cost of flowers.

How much can you save? Up to $160

5. Keep Away from the Shops (Cutting Back on Spending)

Ever go to the supermarket to get milk and come out $200 poorer? Supermarkets are designed to make the best of us weak in the knees. The best way to avoid this spend, is just avoid going to the Shops unless you absolutely need to.

If you stick to this rule no matter what time of year it is, you will save serious cash, not only are you not spending unnecessarily, you learn to make do with what you have, and will save much wear and tear on your vehicle!

Potential Savings: Upwards of $200

6. Have a Big Clean Out and Ditch the Crap for Cash

Go through all your cupboards, pull everything out, if you haven't used it in the last two years (I think one year is too short), then put it on your local Buy, Sell and Swap Facebook Pages. Even a few dollars on small items will really add up - and there is no commission or listing payments like on Ebay.

Look at items like:

  • DVD's
  • Fitness Equipment No Longer Used
  • Tupperware
  • 2nd fridge
  • Books
  • Used Clothing

Not only does it clear your home of clutter, the money you make on those items can go in your Easter fund!

7. Collect Every $5 Note You Come Across

An oldie but a goodie. Every time you receive a $5 note during any transaction - that has to go into the Easter fund. This is a great way to save up for Christmas too!

Not everyone uses a lot of cash these days, but it can save a few dollars towards your end game!

8. Ditch the Fancy Coffee's, Bottled Water, Fizzy Drinks and Juice

Holidays are often a time to buy up big on soft drink, juice and flavoured milk for the kids. Plus ifyou are travelling in the car, and the kids are thirsty, bottled water adds up (and the bottles accumulate in the back seat of the car!).

Invest in a couple of good quality drink bottles and always have one in your bag, and one in the car. And when you are at home, ditch the drinks and try flavoured water instead!

Fill up a large water container, fill with ice, then add slices of lemon and lime, strawberries, oranges and pineapple.

Fresh fruit gives water a lovely flavour, and it is so much better for you, and the kids.  

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