WEIGHTY ISSUE : Warwick is Queensland's fattest city.
WEIGHTY ISSUE : Warwick is Queensland's fattest city. Toby Talbot

Welcome to Queensland's fattest city with 74% overweight

WARWICK has the unenviable title of being Queensland's fattest city.

A staggering 74% of residents are overweight or obese, as waistlines across Australia continue to expand, a national health report card showed.

This compared to Brisbane's inner city, which ranked as the area least plagued by obesity in Queensland, with that figure a trimmer 49.8%.

According to Australia's Health Tracker, Warwick residents sit just below Pinjarra in WA where 76% were overweight or obese. An adult is considered overweight or obese if their body mass index is 25 or more.

There are some positive snippets for Warwick from the data compiled by Victoria University with the Public Health Information and Development Unit at Torrens University.

Warwick performs better than many postcodes across the state and nation on cholesterol levels and alcohol intake. Fewer than 15% of the population drink alcohol at a risky level - among the lowest in the state - and 70% of residents have safe cholesterol levels. Separate recent Federal Government data also showed Warwick has higher than national childhood immunisation rates and lower than average Australian smoking rates.

WIRAC fitness manager Alex Cutmore said he was not surprised Warwick had the dubious mantle of Queensland's fattest city.

"Overweight people will tell you they don't have time to exercise but many residents who come in to use the facilities at WIRAC are the busiest people you will come across," Mr Cutmore said.

"There is also easy access to fast food outlets in Warwick and it's about educating people on having healthier eating and sleeping habits."

Parents need to send the right message to children by staying physically active, he said.

"Warwick is a very sport-minded town but often people who were active and fit at school don't go back to exercise once they leave."

Excess weight is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes and some musculoskeletal conditions and cancers.

Statistics show 63% of Australian adults were overweight or obese, up from 56% a decade ago.

The Darling Downs-Maranoa region has an obesity rate of 44%.

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