An apple a day really does keep the doctor away.
An apple a day really does keep the doctor away.

Kick start your year with healthy tips

FEBRUARY is a sobering month. The party is well over, routines and work have come trundling back into our lives, diets are considered once again, as is alcohol abstinence.

Many seniors find February a month to plunge into resolutions they did not make on December 31.

So, in the spirit of getting into February and the new year with reasonably healthy resolutions, the people at Order-In have given us these seven healthy and natural ways to stay alert and motivated now the silly season is over.


1. Think outside the caffeine box

Matcha is a green fine powder, derived from tea leaves. Through its rich form of antioxidants, the tea can help prevent heart disease, cancer, reduces blood pressure and boosts metabolism. A healthier alternative to coffee which contains 60 mg of caffeine, one cup of matcha provides 34 mg where the effects last longer due to the natural substance called I-theanine.


2. Breathe in, breathe out

Controlling your breath is something simple and easy to do at your office desk. A deep breath moves oxygen to your body which boosts energy levels, and decreases stress and anxiety.


3. Go to the dark side

Cocoa beans combat those chocolate cravings while also containing caffeine. The darker the chocolate, the more caffeine and antioxidants. This lowers the risk of stroke, heart attacks, fosters a healthy digestive system and promotes brain function and growth - but like anything it should be consumed in moderation.


4. Sip it up

While 2 litres of water may sound unrealistic, our top tip is to keep a bottle of water at your desk and sip away. According to a study by Tufts University, dehydration causes fatigue, confusion and leaves you drowsy.


5. Drink like the Queen

While Green Tea only contains 24-40 mg of caffeine, it's rich in antioxidants give you the energy effects of coffee without the jitters. Black tea provides the caffeine hit while carrying antioxidants, vitamins, and other stimulants that keep you alert, active and stress-free. Another great alternative is mint tea helping to activate your brain, prevent fatigue and memory loss.


6. Crunch away

It's true, an apple a day, keeps the doctor away. Containing a natural form of sugar called fructose an apple is a healthy snack that reduces fatigue without the crash in the afternoon. Additionally, apples contain good carbohydrates which allow your body to keep moving.  


7. Get outdoors

A short walk may be all it takes to recharge your batteries. Studies have shown that exposure to the sun and vitamin D improves alertness and performance.  Also, vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium, fostering bone health, reducing heart disease and boosting your immune system.

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