WINTER WARMERS: Try these seven age-old easy tips to stave off the winter chill.
WINTER WARMERS: Try these seven age-old easy tips to stave off the winter chill.

Beat the freeze: The easy tips to staying warm in winter

THERE's a chill in the morning air and the retailers are busily promoting goods to keep us warm in the winter months ahead, but we don't always need to spend more money to get warm.

Instead, why not use some of these seven age-old easy tips to stave off the cold and stay happy with more money in your pocket this winter.

1.Stay active

Just because it's cold doesn't mean we should stop being active. It's a great way to get warm and stay that way. Pop on a warm top, comfortable shoes and a hat, then head outdoors to enjoy the winter sunshine. If it's wet outside, think about stepping out inside using the stairs or hallway to get active and warm.

2. Warm drinks

Flip the switch on the kettle and make yourself a cup of tea, coffee, cup a soup, herbal tea or just enjoy a cup of hot water.

3. Eat regularly
Aim to eat healthy warm meals such as low-salt soups, chunky vegetable stews, porridge, and low-sugar cereal with warm milk.

4. Layer upon layer

Add another layer of clothing to your outfit. Maybe start with a singlet or thin cotton t-shirt, and then add layers on depending where you are in the house and if you are going outside.

In the bedroom, you can use the layering idea as well, adding sheets and blankets to the bed as the temperature changes.

Think about using an old blanket and a warm top in the loungeroom, instead of a heater, while watching the television and eating your dinner.

5. Keep your head, fingers and toes covered

Use a scarf, cap or hat for your head, gloves for your fingers and closed in shoes for the feet. Keeping these all covered will really help you to keep feeling and being warm.

6. Bottles and bags

Drag out the old hot water bottle or heating bag and check for any leakages or damage that may have occurred since they were stored for the summer. Don't forget to find a cover for them to help avoid being scolded when they are filled or heated. Pop one in your bed before you hop in there so you have some warm to welcome you on a cold night.

7. Find someone to cuddle

Whether it's your partner or your pet or your hot water bottle, a good cuddle on a cold day will do wonders for your sense of warmth.

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