HAYFEVER SHAME: Find some peace this season with these tips.
HAYFEVER SHAME: Find some peace this season with these tips. dragana991

6 tips to help stop hay fever taking over

THIS is the time of year when hay fever strikes and sufferers often become isolated as they seek shelter from the onslaught, but it can be stopped with some easy actions.

Close to three million Australians will try to deal with prolific sneezing, a runny nose and itchy eyes.

Amcal research has found that these symptoms lead to people choosing to put themselves in social isolation to avoid the indignity of the dreaded hay fever 'shame'.

Amcal senior pharmacist James Nevile has six simple tips to help hay fever sufferers find some peace this season -

1. Scrub up: On days with high amounts of pollen in the air, wash your hands more often and clean your hair each night. This helps to ensure any pollen residue from the air is off your body and away from your nose.

2. Pollen out: Ensure your house is free from dust and all the windows and doors are closed to keep pollen out. Try drying your clothes inside to stop pollen attaching to them.

3. Stop your symptoms in their tracks: Use antihistamines, nasal spray and eye drops to minimise your symptoms. Your pharmacy is a great place to start. And, remember to take your tablets at the start of each day - this makes sure they reach their peak when you do.

4. Chill out: Stress has been linked with increasing hay fever symptoms. Take a chill pill in the form of herbal tea with ginger and honey. This can relieve symptoms such as congestion and itchiness

5. Sweet dreams: Stock up on allergy friendly bedding and ensure it is dust free. This will help to ensure the sniffles are kept at bay while you sleep.

6. Add to your sunglasses: Protect your eyes from pollen through the season to lessen irritation and itchiness. Sunglasses are a great way to do this. Opt for lenses that cover as much of your eye area as possible. Use a small eye bath for high pollen days.

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