Are you Ipswich's newest millionaire? A third division winner from last week’s Powerball won $50 million.
Are you Ipswich's newest millionaire? A third division winner from last week’s Powerball won $50 million.

$50m Powerball winner still a mystery

ONE lucky Australian became $50 million richer last week, but seven days on, the Queenslander still hasn't come forward to claim their prize.

Three Aussies won a share of the $150 million lotto jackpot last Thursday - a Sydney dad and a Queensland man were two of the winners - however, the third is yet to come forward and claim the prize.

The Lott spokeswoman Lauren Cooney told News Corp they were hoping the winner, now narrowed down to Ipswich in Queensland, would come forward soon.

"We are still waiting to hear from our Ipswich division one winner and are still urging players who purchased an entry into Powerball draw 1218 at newsXpress Brassall to check their tickets," Ms Cooney said.

The winning numbers in Powerball's $150 million draw on Thursday September 19 were 26, 4, 17, 5, 18, 8 and 31. The Powerball number was 9.

The Ipswich newsagent that sold the third ticket is also excitedly waiting for the winner to come forward to claim their prize.

Shop owner Dave Bassi told The Queensland Times he believed it could be an elderly customer who was going to get the shock of a lifetime when they called into the shop this week.

"It could be someone who comes in once a week who is a regular customer," he said.

"I just want to tell every customer who bought a ticket from us to bring it in."

On the day of the draw, hundreds of people queued out the door of Mr Bassi's shop, forming a line of about 50m at one point and forcing the business to stay open late to deal with the demand.

The Lott initially struggled to contact all of the three winners - but eventually managed to share the incredible news with them.

"Of course we were hoping to reach out to these winners … to break the incredible news but unfortunately the two Queensland division one winning entries are unregistered and so far we have been unable to get in touch with the New South Wales online winner," The Lott spokeswoman Bronwyn Spencer said last week.

"These three players have become overnight midweek multi-millionaires but possibly don't know it yet."

Eventually, the organisation managed to get in touch with two of the three winners.

One of the three winners of Thursday's $150 million jackpot bought his ticket at the last minute and says he can't believe his win is real.

"I am speechless … I just told my wife, she was getting the kids ready for school and she does not believe me," the Sydney dad told The Lott.

"I only bought my ticket last minute when I was at work yesterday because everyone else was buying them.

"I thought, 'You've got to be in it to win it', so I bought one. And I am so glad I did.

"I think I might have to take the day off work to calm down and think about how I will use this prize. There's no way I'd be able to concentrate."

A Brisbane man was another of the winners. He told The Lott this morning he would spend his sudden $50 million fortune on visiting family and travelling overseas.

"I am so incredibly overwhelmed," said the winner, who wants to remain anonymous. "You buy a ticket into these draws but never think it is actually going to be you."

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