5 expressions you never hear any more

"The Glove Box"

You know that thing where you keep your phone charger, a book for roadblocks, 126 different coffee loyalty cards, chewing gum and a mouldy piece of vegemite on toast you forgot to eat on the way to work last month? It has been known for a century as a 'Glove Box', but in 2017 nobody wears gloves to drive any more unless that one week of the year in Ipswich when it is actually cold. So what do we call it now? Is it the 'dash' or the 'storage box'? What do you call it?

"I'm going to the Pictures"

For over 80 years a whole generation of people said 'I'm off to the pictures', but these days everyone says 'let's go to the movies'. Derived from the term 'Picture Theatre' that was so prevelant in the 30s' and 40s', it is an expression that is dying out due to the Americanisation of our culture since the 1960's. Although, you are still considered Aussie if you use the term 'going to the flicks'.


While it pains us to say this, anyone under the age of 30 has rarely used the term so famously taken to the world by Paul Hogan. Today you have to go to the bush to hear people say 'G'day', while it is more common for Gen Y to say 'Yo', 'Sup', 'Whassup' or even 'Sup Brah?'...Don't worry, we have no idea what these terms mean either.

"Can I Bum a Fag?"

Commonly used when smoking was the cool thing to do in the 60s' and 70s', this was the term used to ask for a cigarette, and anyone who was a teen during that time often would 'bum a fag' off a mate. With political correctness, this three word expression not only means something totally different when taken in a 2017 context, but as nobody can even afford to smoke any more, these days you're better off quitting anyway. Depending how old you are, you might even remember candy cigarettes called 'Fags' which in the 1990's were changed to 'Fads'.

"Oh its spelt the normal way"

Welcome to the world of naming babies in 2017. If your name is Jackson Jones you'll be able to say when you fill out a form 'Oh it's spelt the normal way'. For everyone else you could be called Jaxon, Jaxxon, Jaksen, Jakkson, Jaxxin, Jaxin, Jacksin, Jax-On, Jakzon, or Jac^on with a silent pi symbol. Don't get us started on La-A (Ladasha), Beeyonsay (Beyonce) and Emma-Lee (Emily).

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