5 dangerous cities you shouldn’t visit alone

MANY people shy away from the wonder of travelling to personally un-discovered destinations because of the fear it's unsafe to do so.

The question to ask yourself is: if I was a stranger to the town I live would I feel unsafe? Would I be right, or wrong?

It's easy to underestimate a locations safety rating based on your knowledge of the area alone, but there are a few places that are unsafe…even for locals.

Here's a list of places we recommend finding a travel buddy for.

1. Mexico City, Mexico

The city can be violent at night with muggings and pickpockets a constant problem.

2. Lima, Peru

Due to the high tourist numbers, illegal taxi services and hijackings have become a big problem.

3. New Delhi, India

It's not the safest place to visit by yourself, with sexual assaults a huge problem in the city.

4. Jakarta, Indonesia

Terrorism and kidnappings in the region are particularly problematic.

5. Bogota, Colombia

One of the most dangerous places for western travellers, with terrorist organisations, drug cartels and armed street gangs a persistent problem.

Have you been to any of the above locations? Are there any other cities that you wouldn't recommend visiting by yourself? Comment below, visit www.facebook.com/seniorsnews or email editor@seniorsnewspaper.com.au to let us know.

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