$2000 found in charity bin returned to family

DIANE Kirkwood knew her late mum had a sizeable pile of cash tucked away for rainy days.

But when it didn't turn up in her possessions after her recent death, the Buderim woman put it out of her mind.

So she was understandably shocked when it turned up in a charity collection bin.

She was also suitably impressed when a staff member from Bloomhill rang to say he had the $2000 and wanted to return it to her.

Mrs Kirkwood's elderly mum was living in a Coast nursing home with her husband when she passed away on November 3.

"We knew she had the money tucked away - $1000 dad gave her for her birthday and another $1000 she'd saved for emergencies," she said.

"When we were sorting her things, we looked for it but couldn't find it.

"It was supposed to be in a bag but the description dad gave me was different.

"I thought I had gone through everything - I even checked in the soles of her shoes."

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After her mum's funeral, Mrs Kirkwood took a small pile of her clothing, shoes and bags to the Bloomhill colletion bin Buderim Woolworths supermarket.

Within days, a Bloomhill worker tracked down her dad through name tags on her mum's clothing.

"It's pretty overwhelming," she said.

"My dad has been asking me every day about finding this hidden money as he knew it had been concealed somewhere.

"I was almost at the point of lying to him about finding the funeral money to ease his mind.

"You simply never hear stories like this anymore.

"It proves there are still nice, honest people out there.

"I just wanted everyone to know about the honesty of the staff at Bloomhill so we can continue to support them in whatever way possible."

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