11 things tattooed seniors want you to know

THERE are lots of articles on the internet about seniors with tattoos but they often go along the lines of "tattooed seniors respond to 'what will your tattoos look like when you're older?'" and they always seem to include the same pictures of tattooed seniors that look amazing.

But these articles don't represent the majority of seniors with tattoos, some absolutely love having them, while others do have regrets. Here are a few "real" responses from seniors with tattoos, originally posted by Tattoodo.

1. Yes, we have our share of regrets.

"There you have it. Yes, we do have some regrets. Maybe a pin-up that looks nothing like Bardot or a koi fish that might make a Japanese slap me for such disgrace. But you know what? We love all that ink. No way we're regretting something we commit to."

2. We are pretty much aware of wrinkles, thank you.

"We won't forever be twenty one when we were getting our tattoos done. We're not only aware of wrinkles; we embrace them. It's coming for us all, anyway. And at the very least, we have something to cover up those nasty things instead of letting them hang around."

3. No, we're not worried for our kids.

"If there's something we're glad we taught our kids it's that if you're going to get tattooed drunk anyway, don't ask us for laser job money."

4. And we're not worried for our grandkids

5. Yes, some of us get new ones done (as long as there's still space)



6. Yeah, we tire of them sometimes

7. We also want some of them gone



8. Ain't embarrassed about these tattoos, nor are we going to a nursing home any time soon

9. We were a bunch of stupid kids, too

"We know what it's like to be barely out of our teens and being reckless and adventurous and everything you kids are now. We've been told the same things. We've heard the same opinions. Don't lecture us what you know about traditional and new school."

10. Yes, we love the look on your faces when you see us walk by.


11. The discrimination is still very real


"Once worked as one of those chaps wearing a fat suit and beard for a month. I was bloody St. Nick! But I guess I must've slipped off the gloves but it's this little girl and the little boys to have their photos taken with Mr. Christmas but the second the mother saw my knuckles, just screamed and took away her kids."

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