11 surf spot nicknames you need to know if you're local

IT CAN be overwhelming talking to a Coast surfer when they start rattling off all these places you've never heard of before.

"There's a place called Dog S*** Ally?" you may ask - yes, yes there is.

We've listed some common used nicknames for surf spots on the Sunshine Coast.

Some spots we can't share as they were given secret nicknames for a reason but you're more than welcome to be up with the lingo on these 11.

1. Hang Gliders

Not just a popular place for a surf - if you haven't caught a sunrise or sunset from this spot you're missing out.

Located in Sunrise Beach the spot got its name due to the large number of hang gliders who take off from the hill.

2. Dog S***s or Dog S*** Ally

This spot is the second most northern beach access at Sunshine Beach. Be careful on your walk down at this spot, as the name suggests the occasional poop gets left behind at this off-leash dog area.

3. Enos

Staying up north, Enos is a spot near Boiling Pot at Noosa that only really breaks during a big swell. You might not have even known it had a nickname or it existed if you're not the type to dice death with the rocks.

4. Y-Bah and Stop Rock

Stop Rock is located at Y-Bah or Yaroomba just south of Coolum. "Stop or it will stop you," Daily journalist Erica Henderson said. The solid rock is mostly an issue on a high tide or a big swell as it notoriously appears just when you're trying to milk a little bit more out of your wave.

5. Johnsons

Between Nationals and Little Cove at Noosa is a spot called Johnsons. Usually it's filled with kids as it tends to be a bit smaller but when it gets a bit of size Johnsons can get quite hollow and fast.

Little Cove, Noosa Heads Photo: Erle Levey / Sunshine Coast Daily
Little Cove, Noosa Heads Photo: Erle Levey / Sunshine Coast Daily Erle Levey

6. S-Bends

If someone is talking about S-Bends on the Coast chances are they aren't talking about pipes or roads. S-Bends is a spot in Buddina/Kawana. It breaks left and right and can get pretty sizey as seen in the video below.

7. The Bluff

There's plenty of bluffs and headlands on the Sunshine Coast but The Bluff is located at Alexandra Headland. The Bluff is a longboarders heaven but can turn to hell if you don't watch your fins on low tide.

8. Deadmans

This spot got its name because you could end up dead if you hit the rocks. Deadmans is located at the northern end of Mooloolaba Beach where all the rocks are. Probably steer clear if you're just starting out or looking for a leisurely swim.

A surfer gets a nice wave at Deadman's at Mooloolaba Photo: Brett Wortman / Sunshine Coast Daily
A surfer gets a nice wave at Deadman's at Mooloolaba Photo: Brett Wortman / Sunshine Coast Daily Brett Wortman

9. Geriatric's Reef

Geriatric's Reef is opposite Katoa St in Alexandra Headland. It gets its name from the friendly and gentle nature of the waves that usually break there.

The oldies love Geriatrics Reef.
The oldies love Geriatrics Reef. Patrick Woods

10. Abdul

This spot was named after lifeguard Ryan "Abdul" Abdy who passed away in 2014. Abdul's surf break is in front of Maroochydore's Seabreeze Caravan Park.

Ryan "Abdul" Abdy had a surf break named in his memory. Contributed

11. The Platform or Platforms

Right in front of the rock platforms at Point Cartwright is The Platform or Platforms. The right-hand break can be quite sketchy especially when there's a lot of water moving around.

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