Stanwell power station overhaul providing 500 jobs

Minister for Energy Mark Bailey today said an $11 million economic boost for Central Queensland was underway from a five-week overhaul of the Unit 1 generation unit at Stanwell Power Station, just outside Rockhampton.  

Mr Bailey said around 500 contractors were being used on the four-yearly overhaul of Unit 1, which is one of four units at Stanwell Power Station that provides power to Queensland homes and industry.  

"Around $11 million of the $30 million overhaul is being spent on expenses including wages for both local and external contractors; accommodation and catering for contractors from outside the region; fuel; and services such as scaffolding and crane hire," Mr Bailey said.  

The overhaul, which is one of the biggest done at Stanwell Power Station, officially began on August 9 and will finish on September 11, but further time is taken to move offices and equipment before and after the overhaul.  

The Member for Mirani, Jim Pearce, said the region welcomed the contribution the Stanwell Power Station overhaul made to the local economy.  

"This is one of the biggest industrial jobs in Central Queensland, and the region will benefit from the economic flow-on," Mr Pearce said.  

"The overhaul is being done over 33 days, which means that Central Queensland is getting this economic boost over a fairly short timeframe.  

"Much of this funding goes to small businesses such as accommodation providers, so this is particularly welcome."   Stanwell Power Station is Australia's most efficient conventional coal-fired power station.  

Overhauls help maintain that efficiency, meaning coal use and emissions can be reduced to a minimum.  

Unit 1 at Stanwell Power Station holds a world record, set only last month, for running continuously for over 1087 days.  

Unit 1's world-record run only ended because it had to come off line for the current overhaul.  

Unit 1 burns coal to produce superheated steam that turns a turbine which produces electricity.  

All these parts will be inspected during the overhaul and any necessary repairs will be done.  

All 13,000 tubes will also be replaced in the Unit 1 condenser, which cools the superheated steam once it has been used in the turbine, allowing it to be used again.

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