10 tips to help portion control your meals

LOSING weight and keeping it off can be a hefty task (excuse the pun…) but experts are now saying that it all comes down to portion sizes.

It's an issue we don't consider very often, the way in which we eat extra calories numerous times throughout the day - a couple extra pieces of toast, an extra teaspoon or two of sugar or eating from a bigger plate - these are just a few ways our portions tend to increase over time and so does our weight.

Once you have a much clearer idea of what portion sizes should be, it is much easier to cut back.

Here is a list of small cutbacks you can make that will equate to better food decisions and weight control.

Tips for portion control:

1. Measure breakfast cereal and rice/pasta serves using a measuring cup.

2. Keep kitchen scales handy to check meat portions and serving sizes.

3. Measure out sauces and oils rather than pouring haphazardly.

4. Stick to one or occasionally two slices of toast in the morning.

5. Use grated cheese or invest in a cheese slice to control portions.

6. Measure out serves of dip and cheese when serving platters.

7. Only carry portion controlled snacks of nuts and crackers.

8. Remember your plate ratios of ¼ protein, ¼ carbs and ½ vegetables or salad.

9. Serve desserts and treats in small bowls and glasses.

10. Always order a small or piccolo sized coffee.

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