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Doing some work on your laptop? Take it to the floor and get in a core workout while you're at it.
Doing some work on your laptop? Take it to the floor and get in a core workout while you're at it. Electra-K-Vasileiadou

10 fitness hacks for the time-poor

BETWEEN work, kids, study and having a life, it can be difficult to find time to exercise, but it's not impossible. 

You may not have a chance to hit the gym or head out for a half-hour walk around the block, but according to this fitness guru, if you've got time to shower, you're half way there.

We caught up with Queensland-based personal trainer and former Australian Diamonds netballer Chanel Gomes to get her top ten fitness hacks for the time-poor.

The trick? Squeeze your workouts into everyday chores and activities to make the most of the time you do have.

Chanel's top 10:

1.The Microwave:

While you're doing a one minute re-heat, drop to the floor and smash out a minute's worth of push ups.  If you need to continue heating for another minute, hit the edge of the bench and do a round of dips.

2.School pick up:

If you're parked and waiting in the car for five minutes, jump out and start doing some calf-raises.  It's such a small, yet effective, exercise, no one will even notice you're working out.

3.Watching television:

Instead of checking your phone during the ads, it's the perfect time to get in a few rounds of sit-ups or skipping. As you get more and more into your show you'll forget you're even working out.

4.Coffee with friends:

Get it takeaway and head out for a stroll to the park or around town instead of dining in.

5.Straightening or blow-drying your hair:

Don't let beauty get in the way of your workout. Use this time to do some pulsing lunges or a held squat.

6.Incidental walking

Instead of e-mailing your colleague from across the room, walk over and chat to them. Same goes to taking the stairs instead of the lift, and pacing while you're on the phone instead of sitting still.


Carrying the groceries can be hard enough, but if you're feeling strong, add in a few bicep curls with the bags on your way from the car to the kitchen.

8.Reading a book or working on your laptop:

Trade your desk for the floor and hold a plank while reading or doing work on your laptop.

Reading also partners well with yoga poses too.

Why not combine yoga with reading?
Why not combine yoga with reading? shironosov

9.Cleaning the shower:

When you're on your hands and knees scrubbing the shower floor, kick one of your back legs up towards the ceiling (like a donkey kick) for a serious glute burn. Your arms will already be getting an intense workout no doubt.

10.Hanging out the washing:

Leave the washing basket at the back door and do high knees to the clothes line for each garment and butt kicks on the way back to the basket. Talk about cardio!


Now you really have no excuse not to get moving…Learn more about getting active at Join the Movement.

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