10 best things to take on the road

If you want to catch your favourite shows on the road a  Satellite TV can help.
If you want to catch your favourite shows on the road a Satellite TV can help. Admin


Must have Camps Australia Manual is probably the most useful item you will buy for your trip, which includes maps for all over Australia and it is always safe to have hard copies of maps just in case you can't get a signal for your phone or GPS. You can use the map as a way of mapping your trip as well so you know where you have been and where you want to go. A GPS is also a necessity to help get where you want to go. Go for details. Cost $59.95. 


Writing where you have been and what you did is a great way to keep track of your trip. When you move to a different location you don't always remember where and what you have experienced. Great way to reminisce down the track with your journal.


If you have a phone with good quality pics or a camera for the higher resolution pics either it is a must.


Let's face it you need a charger for everything these days, from your phone to laptop to tablet and kindle to list a few. If you have a multi charging station you can charge multiple items at once and not have to run around trying to find the right charger. Save space and time.


Vital to have one of these as you can't always be in the right place at the right time. If you wear hearing aids good idea to take a little emergency kit with extra batteries and tubes and don't forget your drying kit.


You can buy a cheap white bucket with a lid make sure the lid is tight and fill ½ way with water a bit of washing powder and fill with clothes so they can move around and when you are on the road let the motion of the Road do the work for you. When you stop drain and rinse and dry as per normal. Clothes horse is a handy clothes line.

Lidded BBQ's are a great asset on the road.
Lidded BBQ's are a great asset on the road.


Either a wood or gas lidded BBQ can be very handy to cook a roast, veggies etc outside the van/RV.


Bikes are a great way to see small towns and take a bike tour. If you are in a RV you can be limited to travel once you set up your camp and you need something down the shops that are a few kms away hop on a bike and do a bit of exercise at the same time. Saves having to pack up.


For the TV watcher, the Satellite TV is a fantastic addition to your trip. You can watch good quality tele out in the middle of nowhere. Sat Plus call 07 5443 5517 or 07 5443 5513 or email


Taking Music collection on CD or MP3 is great on a road trip, as you will not always be able to listen to the radio.


Very important to have spare keys if you lose them out in the middle of nowhere you would be in big trouble not always easy to get replacement and when you do you will probably have to wait for the keys to arrive which can be costly.

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