Leaked schematics reveal iPhone 8's brand new design

HAVING kept an almost identical design of its flagship smartphones since 2014, Apple is set to provide a fresh overhaul for the forthcoming iPhone 8.

$249 LG K8 smart phone has top selfie camera features

LG K8 will feature auto show and gesture shot features

Connect your family and memories through a new app

MEMORIES: digitally capture your precious memories through the Keepsake app.

RECORD your previous memories to share with family and friends.

Kids addicted to their mobiles? How to shut them down

Japanese company has come up with forceful solution

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Online tool helping seniors become money minded

MOST of us struggle from time to time to manage our money, so when a free and easy-to-use tool comes our way, it's well worth checking it out.

United voice of seniors to be heard in Canberra

HEARD: L to R Front- Committee Chair Carol Cashman, Ted OBrien MP, John Devers, Margaret Donaldson, Graham YoungBack- Lesley Cowan and Bernard Treston.

LOCAL voices to be heard in Canberra through new over 50s committee.

Older Australians need incentives to downsize

DOWNSIZING: Research shows most seniors are emotionally attached to their home and neighbourhood and don't want to downsize.

INCENTIVES are needed for seniors to sell up the family home.

Winter energy costs relief in sight with one-off payment

WINTER COSTS: The Government is offering a pre-June 30 one-off relief payment.

ONE-off payment to give some relief to winter energy costs.

Top tips for keeping personally safe

POLICE TIPS: Be aware and stay personally safe.

BE aware and stay safe with these top police safety tips.

Murphy the mule star of the show at aged care facilities

HEALING ANIMALS: Joe Howells pats miniature pony Oreo.

HEALING hearts through the love of four-legged friends.

Memories ride high as residents connect with horses

MAKING FRIENDS: Freedom Aged Care resident Irene Haworth meets Cowboy Up's Malcolm.

HORSE visit to elderly home brings joy and good memories.

Grow your own dwarf citrus trees

LIMITED gardening space and/or sick of expensive shop-bought fruit? The our gardening expert has some vaulable advice plus a new lemon variety to try.

Gardening: How to grow your own potatoes

Potatoes are one of the easiest crops to grow and now is the time to begin planting.

This versatile veggie is easy to grow

Python enjoys large lunch in middle of Coast backyard

Mr Karu said the snake took 20 minutes to eat the possum.

Enormous snake devours lunch in backyard to shock of homeowner

Gardening: Dealing with a damaged yard

Unhealthy, weak trees are hazardous and may need trimming or removal. If in doubt, consult an arborist.

Cleaning up after a big weather event

Flowering canvasses win awards for octogenarian

NEW HOBBY: Floral artist Desley Clarke with her award-winning floral art.

FLORAL awards keep rolling in for talented senior.

10 ways we're eating sushi all wrong, apparently

According to some sushi experts, there are some big mistakes we’re making when it comes to eating Japanese cuisine.

RECIPE: warm your evening up with curry laksa

TIME TO WARM UP: Enjoy a Curry Laksa, full of flavour.

A FAVOURITE Asian spicy soup to enjoy any time of day.

Dinner at 8pm ? Surely not !

EATING OUT LATE: It can be an interesting experience.

HOW do you cope when you get asked out to dinner past 6pm?

The new Goldie caters for foodies

Enjoy a feed at The Collective as part of the Ultimate Foodies Giveaway competition prize.

Glitter Strip restaurants serve up modern tastes in relaxed setting

RECIPE: Pasta with a delicious mix of beans, pancetta and pesto

Using salty water to cook pasta is important - one tablespoon of salt per litre of water should do it.

Try this easy pasta recipe for crowd-pleasing dinner

WINTER WARMERS: Recipes perfect for your slow cooker

Baked lemon ricotta and ginger cheesecakes, by Sally Wise.

Sally Wise shares three of her slow cooker favourites.

DINNER FOR ONE: Easy peasy single-serve recipes

Try the delicious Chrisanella Salad  you will make it again and again.

FOUR easy recipes for the next time you find yourself cooking for 1.

Aldi Australia promises to fix customers' biggest gripe

IT’S the biggest complaint of most Aldi customers, but the CEO says it’s been fixed — and is asking for a second chance.

Top tips for winter soups and one pot meals

TIPS FOR SAVING: One pot meals save a great deal of time and effort.

ONE pot meals save a great deal of time and effort.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ 'evolutions' unveiled

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and the new Galaxy S8 sit side by side.

Bigger screens but smaller phones, Samsung continues its evolution

How to avoid being scammed when shopping online

ONLINE SCAMS: be aware of what looks good online, may be a scam.

TIPS for safer online shopping where scams are all to common.

Samsung's top of the range TV will cost $40k

Samsung says it has the brightest TV on the market.

That's about $2 for every nit of brightness