Seniors tick off 'bucket list' with VR technology

“My goodness.” “Oh, that’s beautiful.” The reactions of the elderly as they are taken on a journey to tick off some of their unfulfilled dreams are priceless.

Retirees targeted in new NBN scam

An NBN Co scam is tricking potential customers.

That phone call or salesperson at the door might not be legitimate

Medicare payment scam warning

The Coalition suffered from Labor’s “Mediscare” campaign during the 2016 election which convinced voters the Turnbull Government planned to privatise or sell off Medicare.

myGov Medicare payment site ‘cloned’ in sophisticated scam.

Telstra hit by another mobile outage

Telstra users cannot make calls. Picture: Supplied

Some have reported they can only make SOS calls.

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'Vibrant' retirement sector celebrated at national awards

THE retirement sector’s commitment to create “vibrant and active communities” has been celebrated at the National Retirement Living Awards.

Scotty Cam searches for the great Aussie shed

BOOKS: Join Scott Cam as he takes you on a journey through his top 20 Aussie sheds.

Check out Scotty's top choices of Australia's backyard icon.

Unretirement: Prolong work life with switch to the country

UNRETIREES: Revived and relaxed and with a whole exciting new world in front of them, unretirees Stuart and Robin Cumming.

It's a new life for the Cummings who have gone from city to country.

The houseplants even a serial plant killer can't destroy

BROWN THUMB PROOF: Most of the time these six plants will survive just about anything a person can throw at them.

Pick up some tips for selecting hardy indoor houseplants.

Great perks come with retiring in Malaysia

The Petronas Twin Towers  in Kuala Lumpur.

Retiring in an overseas location can provide a great lifestyle.

Seniors benefit as Commonwealth Bank removes mortgage fee

FEE SAVING: This week's Commonwealth Bank announcement will be a welcome saving for Seniors with one less bank fee to worry about.

A welcome saving for Seniors with one less bank fee to worry about.

Growing demand for organic food prompts family project

HE SWORE he'd never be a farmer, but now this man is leading a foodie movment from small beginnings to bring something Warwick's never had.

This fruit is a garden star

Star fruit is a juicy and tangy addition to fruit salads.

Star fruit trees need a warm spot with moist well-drained soil

This colourful star brightens any winter garden

The crown of thorns (euphorbia millii).

The crown of thorns flowers profusely for most of the year.

Showtime for glorious orchids on the Gold Coast

Delicate design.

Meet the mystic of orchids at annual show.

Buds bloom for Toowoomba charity

BIG NEWS: Lynette Shailer, one of the show co-ordinators, spreads the word about the Toowoomba Camellia Show and Garden Expo's history and growth in 2018.

Chance to talk to camellia expert and raise community funds.

Our ‘extraordinary’ forgotten city and what to do there

IT’S the city where freakshakes were invented and some of the most popular places are free to get into. This is why it’s worth a visit.

Avoid tough tummy troubles this weekend

WINTER COOKING: Be on the lookout for winter meals that aren’t handled properly.

Be on the lookout for winter meals that aren’t handled properly.

Foodies to shine at Regional Flavours showcase

Sunshine Coast chefs Alejandro Cancino and Cameron Matthews will create a number of locally inspired dishes.

Brisbane's annual event will showcase Coast companies.

Midweek meal miracle: Healthy one-pan baked fried rice

TASTY MEALS: Easy to cook, fun to eat, check out this tasty rice meal idea.

Easy to cook, fun to eat, check out this tasty rice meal idea.

Recipe: Zucchini and bacon fritters with garlic yoghurt

WINTER ZUCCHINIS: Zucchini and bacon fritters with garlic yoghurt.

Sneak in a winter green with this easy and tasty winter dish.

Mac 'n' cheese parmesan tray bake

Easy cooking with this Mac 'n' cheese parmi tray bake

An quick and easy winter cooking idea for a small family dinner.

Easy savings on your supermarket shopping

THERE are many other fees and charges consumers need to watch.

It's purrfect: The $2 item pet owners can’t live without

Now she’s cut her cleaning time, Ms Penton can spend more time actually enjoying her cute cats!

“I am definitely loving the results and it’s so easy!"

Australians to be hit with shopping tax

Online shopping could soon be that little bit more expensive.

Tax would affect 90 per cent of deliveries

Keep bag snatchers away with simple trick over Christmas

Trick can give you peace of mind as you shop for Christmas.