Party drug may treat depression in elderly: research

AUSTRALIAN seniors may need a major rethink about recreational drugs after new research showed ketamine could possible treat depression in the elderly.

Champion's tips for dealing with life after breast cancer

BREAST CANCER: BCNA Ambassador, Raelene Boyle.

SURVIVOR Raelene Boyle advocates looking and moving forward.

Blokes, listen up! Melanoma can strike anyone - it got me

CANCER: Peter Robinson is enjoying his melanoma recovery time, living to the full.

A CHILDHOOD freckle has turned Peter Robinson's life on its head.

12 early warning signs of dementia you need to know

An early diagnosis and starting treatment quickly can help slow the progress of the debilitating disease.

AN early diagnosis can help slow the progress of the disease.

Local Partners

The app that will get seniors up and about!

DO you realise how much time you spend each day sitting down?

Government dishes up more money for aged care services

AGED CARE: Great news for seniors, the Federal Government are giving out more funding for home better aged care services.

More of what is needed in Aged Care is on its way.

Check before your flush! It may save your life

Dr Andrew Rochford says even the occasional cursory glance at your poop could be beneficial for your health.

Why you should peek in the bowl after you’ve gone to the toilet.

What to do when someone says 'no' to R U OK

R U Ok?: A conversation could change a life.

Take a moment today to show you care.

Birds, rainwater and your toothbrush

How clean is the rainwater in your tank?

Living Naturally with Olwen Anderson

'The hyperbaric therapy is fantastic!'

Diabetic Max Bundsen is being treated at the Wesley Centre for Hyperbaric Medicine.

Patient watched deep wound heal before his eyes.

Pet therapy triggers memories, helps healing process

A duckling brings a moment of happiness to Flo Schimmel.

Animals seem to know when somebody needs cheering up.

TRAVEL: New business offers travelling carers

IT'S a smart business offering mobility restricted people of any age carer assistance while on holiday on the Sunshine Coast or when travelling from the Coast.

Council Cab trial offers freedom to the over-60s

FREEDOM:  The Council Cabs service does more than allow people to do their shopping once a week, it gives a feeling of independence and for many becomes a social outing.

SERVICE offers eligible seniors a $2 each-way shared taxi service.

'Wheely' dedicated volunteer keeps residents moving

Coffs Harbour resident Marie Gordon has spent the past 25 years helping the elderly and disabled get out and about.

MARIE Gordon has spent the past 25 years helping the elderly.

Residents offered freedom through community transport

HELPING HAND: Community Transport volunteer driver Paul Orman helping Nambucca residents Lee and Pat Kealy home from an appointment.

SERVICE provides local residents with renewed independence.

Ross puts stamp on fundraising for mobility

STAMPS AHEAD: Ross Paine happily collecting stamps for charity.

STAMPS are sent to auction to raise funds for mobility assistance.

Golden syrup dumplings: The perfect end to dinner

Golden syrup dumplings are an easy - and downright delicious - way of winning over your dinner guests.

How to become the world's best grandparent

GRANDPARENTS: Use these tips to help you relax and enjoy being a grandparent.

Learn the top 10 tips for becoming a super grandparent.

Men, is your sex life satisfying?

MEN'S HEALTH: Get advice on dealing with the common problem of erectile dysfunction.

Find out about erectile dysfunction and how to deal with it.

Tantalise your taste buds with ricotta gnocchi

Ricotta gnocchi with burnt butter sauce.

Delicious and simple to make ricotta gnocchi with burnt butter sauce

Share housing saviour: How to find your new flatmate

SHARE ACCOMMODATION: Finding a place to share or finding a senior tenant is easier with the Senior Flatmates website.

You can go online to find Seniors rental options or tenants.

The warning signs your parents need a helping hand

It's not easy for us to know or admit when an ageing parent might need a bit of a helping hand.

Local service can help improve parents' lives and ease stress.

Tin foil to remove stains? The eye-opening way to iron

EASY IRONING: Check out these ideas for reducing your clothing wrinkles.

IT turns out we’ve been doing our ironing wrong this whole time.