Government commits more funds for MyAgedCare development

THE Federal Government has today committed another $2.8 million to fund further development of Australia’s aged care gateway, MyAgedCare.

Under the knife overseas causes puffy response

SURGERY PROBLEMS: The women — wrapped chin-to-dome in bandages — were barred from boarding a flight home at an airport in South Korea.

Plastic surgery results cause passport troubles at airport.

Party drug may treat depression in elderly: research

Ketamine could be used as an effective antidepressant when delivered in repeated doses.

Drug could be used as an effective antidepressant.

Champion's tips for dealing with life after breast cancer

BREAST CANCER: BCNA Ambassador, Raelene Boyle.

SURVIVOR Raelene Boyle advocates looking and moving forward.

Local Partners

Grandparents a health risk for children: research

GRANDPARENTS can be bad for kids’ health, damning new research has found.

'Fragmented' health care ripping away choice of death

System "has created a climate where old age and death is dreaded”.

Men's Health: 5 top things to know, and do in Movember

MEN'S HEALTH: Movember ambassador, INXS musician and prostate cancer survivor Kirk Pengilly was Australian men to starting talking to each other, and those can support them.

Time to start talking and walking fellows.

FIGHTING BACK: Sufferers learning to knock out Parkinson's

An American gym is showing Parkinson’s sufferers how to land the knockout blow in their fight against the degenerative disease.

Sufferers rain down blows against debilitating disease.

New Aboriginal arts project focuses on support for elders

AGED CARE SUPPORT: Artists Dianne Golding, Eunice Porter, Nancy Jackson, Winnie Woods and Melva Davies at Tjanpi Desert Weavers workshop, Warakurna.

Researchers aim to harness community art centres for dementia help.

What you need to know if you use cold and flu medication

From February 2018 medications containing codeine will require a Doctor's prescription. Vijay Amin from Chempro Caloundra is pictured with medication containing codeine.

Next year prescriptions will be required for all codeine medications

Bill Gates donates $170 million to fight dementia

Billionaires like Bill Gates (pictured) did well in 2016. Source: Getty Images/AFP.

Billionaire digs into his own pockets to aid in worthy fight.

TRAVEL: New business offers travelling carers

IT'S a smart business offering mobility restricted people of any age carer assistance while on holiday on the Sunshine Coast or when travelling from the Coast.

Council Cab trial offers freedom to the over-60s

FREEDOM:  The Council Cabs service does more than allow people to do their shopping once a week, it gives a feeling of independence and for many becomes a social outing.

SERVICE offers eligible seniors a $2 each-way shared taxi service.

'Wheely' dedicated volunteer keeps residents moving

Coffs Harbour resident Marie Gordon has spent the past 25 years helping the elderly and disabled get out and about.

MARIE Gordon has spent the past 25 years helping the elderly.

Residents offered freedom through community transport

HELPING HAND: Community Transport volunteer driver Paul Orman helping Nambucca residents Lee and Pat Kealy home from an appointment.

SERVICE provides local residents with renewed independence.

Ross puts stamp on fundraising for mobility

STAMPS AHEAD: Ross Paine happily collecting stamps for charity.

STAMPS are sent to auction to raise funds for mobility assistance.

'What do we do?': Hyperbaric medicine ends desperate search

CANCER survivor Warwick found relief from the agony of his treatment when he finally discovered the Wesley Centre for Hyperbaric Medicine.

What is ageing? Differing attitudes offer new insight

Those retiring now will need a superannuation lump sum of at least $615,000.

Perspective on mortality is an ever-changing variable.

Apartment puppies: Key decision to finding the right dog

Dr Katrina Warren.

Dr Katrina Warren says find dog which fits "in to your environment".

Small daily habits that will change your life

Body and mind mentor shares her expert tips.

Prescribed art the next step for better health

CREATIVE HEALTH: Musician Pete McDonald teaching a participant to play piano during an Arts on Prescription music program.

The future could be medicos writing scripts for art courses.

Tips to protect yourself when out and about

STAYING SAFE: Tips to help protect yourself, your family and friends from the effects of crime

Take extra precautions and be prepared when risk is identified.

Sure footed: Seven steps to prevent falling

A few lifestyle changes can minimise the risk of falls.