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The Wine Doctor


Why The Wine Doctor over others?

Red wine is probably the best-known source of Resveratrol due to the fermentation process that turns grape juice to alcohol. When red wine is produced, grape seeds and skins ferment in the grape’s juices, which has a positive effect on the levels and availability of resveratrol.

The Wine Doctor has the world’s first patented Resveratrol Enhanced Wine – R.E.W.

It is an innovative development; our Patented Technology increases the level of Resveratrol concentration to over 100mg/L (as measured by the Australian Wine Research Institute) whilst still meeting regulatory and accepted wine industry standards. The normal Resveratrol content of wine is 1-2 mg/L for whites and 4-6 mg/L for reds.

Why Resveratrol? For many anti-aging and health benefits!

Research suggests that it may help your health in the following ways but only to name a few:

- Help lower bad cholesterol

- Help fight Cancer, Heart Disease and Stroke

- Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties

The antioxidants in wine are not stored in the body, so it is regular consumption, in moderation, of wine that delivers a significant dose of Resveratrol.

Moderate consumption can be defined as a standard 1-2 glasses each day, with women advised to drink a little less than men.

Absorbing Resveratrol through red wine.

The best way to absorb Resveratrol is via the buccal mucosa or the lining of the mouth, which allows he Resveratrol to go straight into the blood system.

Absorption of Resveratrol via the buccal mucosa is so efficient that is 250 times better than absorption of Resveratrol via the gut, which is what happens when you take Resveratrol in the form of tablets or capsules.

This is because the Resveratrol in the gut gets taken to the liver via the portal blood system, to be metabolized or broken down so its effective amount in the blood is much less.

Resveratrol is a natural anti-oxidant compound found in grape skins and is the only substance to stimulate the production of SIRT 1 by the body. SIRT 1 is a member of the sirtuin group of compounds which makes cells live longer by stimulating the cell’s energy producer, the mitochondria, to produce more energy for the cell.

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The Wine Doctor

Suite 5, Level 5 Suite 5, Level 5, 377-383 Sussex, Sydney, New South Wales, 2000, Australia

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