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Motorsport Racing 101

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Millions of people from around the world tune in on their TVs and even travel hundreds of miles to see famous races such as the Grand Prix, NASCAR and F1. There's no denying the impact racing has left on modern history and humanity.

There are two main types of racing today: stock car racing and single seater racing. Stock car racing uses stock editions of automobiles that race around an oval track. The most popular race is of course, NASCAR, immensely popular in South America and other parts of the country. Stock cars are built on model factory editions, which are limited to a certain speed for safety. The race usually lasts from 200-600 miles in duration.

The second main type, the single seater racing is more popular in Europe, New Zealand and Australia. Formula One in the USA is the most popular variant of the type. The race features production model race cars that are built low to the ground to maximize performance. The cars have more slender bodies, open wheels and large hydrofoils.

Of course, racing is not only limited to automobiles-motocross, rally and bike racing are just as popular, too, not only in the United States but also all over the world.

Motocross is a form of motorcycle sport racing held on enclosed off-road circuits. They started in Europe, particularly on British scrambling competitions. Motocross is dominated by 3 major events, namely, the FIM Grand Prix, World Championship Series and AMA American National Championship.

Rally racing, on the other hand, is a type of race taking place on public or private roads. Rallying is distinguished because it does not run on a circuit, but rather in a point-to-point format where they set control points. Rallies are won by speed within stages or by driving a prearranged ideal journey time within stages. Rally races take place in almost all surfaces available: asphalt, snow, ice, and more. Moreover, they run in any part of the year, regardless of the weather, from bitter cold to monsoon rain.

Road bike racing is a popular sport held on roads, where competing bikers start simultaneously, with the winner being the first in line at the end of the course. It is especially popular in Europe, especially in France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Its most famous races include the Tour de France and the Olympic games.

Are you into car racing? Then rev up your ordinary car into a wonder race machine! Racing is a glamorous but by no means a safe sport. Make sure that your car is in top shape and take the necessary safety precautions before going into the sport. Modify and assemble your perfect race car with professional companies.


Motorsport Racing 101

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