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Marshall Batteries

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Why buy from a Marshall Battery Specialist?

Our batteries are fresh and fully charged. Did you know that even a high quality battery left on a shelf for prolonged periods of time, can and will discharge, allowing sulphation to set in. If left long enough the damage from sulphation will be irreversible. This can lead to a short battery life and overall poor battery performance and even worse could damage the car’s charging system. Many shops who stock automotive batteries aren’t even aware of these factors or how to correctly check a batteries condition. As a Battery Specialist we regularly check and charge our batteries to ensure optimum performance and overall customer satisfaction.

Roadside Rescue Services:

No memberships, no hassle, that’s the Marshall way for our Roadside Rescue Services available anywhere, anytime. Who knows when one of those unforeseen circumstances will occur, when you need a roadside rescue? Don't risk doing it yourself, we can install and deliver quality Marshall batteries to suit any car, truck or boat including light trucks and commercial vehicles. Minor mechanical and electrical systems repairs onsite or we can tow. We can even jumpstart, arrange keys if locked out or change that flat tyre for you. Now you can simply ‘Holler for A Marshall’ and we can get you going. Don’t risk doing it yourself, we can deliver & install quality Marshall Batteries to suit any car, truck or boat, including light trucks and commercial vehicles. Minor mechanical or electrical systems repairs on site. If it cannot be repaired see towing. If your battery is flat we will jumpstart your battery and get you going quickly at any time of the day. We will come t


Marshall Batteries

32, WATER, Toowoomba, Queensland, 4350, Australia