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Johansens Roofing

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Johansens Roofing is a family owned business that has been operating continuously in Brisbane since 1999. We are immensely proud of our competitive pricing and the quality of our work.

What we don’t know about roofs is probably not worth knowing! Our roofing experts deal a lot with damage caused by the harsh Queensland elements including extreme heat, dry vegetation and flooding rains. It’s vital that, first of all, the right types of roofing materials are used in construction or roof replacement, and beyond that, that maintenance is kept up so as to avoid damage and ensure longevity.

Our roofing experts can help with:

  • replacement of roofing;
  • replacement of gutters and downpipes;
  • repair of roofing (repair, clean and repaint sections);
  • restoration of roofing (repair, clean and paint complete areas);
  • cleaning roofing;
  • cleaning gutters;
  • installation of gutter guard; and
  • installation of roof ventilation. 


Johansens Roofing

25, Morningvale, 5, Mitchelton, Queensland, 4053, Australia