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Integrated Wellness Clinic

Tired of jumping between Practitioners?Only to get the answer "Your blood tests are fine, you should be healthy?"Find the answers to your health problems by searching for the cause, the right way!

The Integrated Wellness Clinic specialises in:

  • Helping you find the cause by using the latest in technology and pathology testing (whilst working alongside your GP). Its virtually impossible to know how the body is working without doing the correct tests.
  • Educating you on how to reach your health potential. By teaching you about how your body works and why it does the things it does, gives the power to you.
  • Unlocking your happiness through Neurotransmitter Balance. There are 5 mistakes that many people make when addressing Anxiety and Depression, without these steps it can be difficult to be free of any mental health condition
  • Identifying food sensitivities (through pathology testing- no guessing!) and repairing digestive complaints 
  • Taking an Integrated approach. We look at the body from an integrated point of view, there is no point looking at each organ individually when each organ influences the next. By referring you to practitioners of different modalities, you can be assured that we will focus on getting you into tip, top shape quickly!


Integrated Wellness Clinic

21/97 Poinciana, 2, Tewantin, Queensland, 4565, Australia

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