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Gympie Slashing


Hi, I’m Chris Kelly at Gympie Slashing. Thanks for looking me up. Gympie Slashing is here to provide a friendly and reliable grass slashing service for rural and semi-rural acreages, farming properties, or unused blocks in the entire Gympie Region.

The equipment used is a Case 105 horsepower 4WD tractor with a front-end loader featuring standard bucket, as well as pallet forks if needed. So I can do things like push timber into heaps, push over trees up to about four metres high, stack logs and fenceposts, smooth out rough areas and generally take some of the hard work out of property clean-ups.

The slasher is a Howard 7-foot extra heavy duty slasher, well able to handle all types of terrain including steep country, and heavy grass like bladey, setaria, Hamill and pangola. The easy stuff like kangaroo and Rhodes is also welcome!

We can also handle light clearing of wattle and eucalypt regrowth, if you have that on your property.

I do all the slashing myself, I don’t have an employee, so I can do the job to my satisfaction.

How much does it cost?

 Where possible I give a quote so you know exactly how much the job will cost. It’s not always possible to tell exactly how long it will take, especially on the bigger jobs.

The actual hourly rate for slashing is $110 per hour including GST, and a travel fee that is usually $77 but could be more or less depending on how far the travel is.

Why is there a travel fee?

It’s to cover the cost of running the truck and the time taken travelling and loading and unloading the tractor.

How much can you slash in hour?

It’s tricky to answer that because there are so many things that affect it. A rule of thumb could be 1.5 acres per hour but it can be faster or slower depending on things like how much turning is involved, things to go around, steep sections, steep banks and gullies, short or long runs, super thick grass, gates, fiddly bits, multiple trees, etc.    

Do you charge by the acre?

No, by the hour.

What areas do you cover?

Usually up to 40 kms north, south, east and west of Gympie. For the areas further away it needs to be a bigger job to justify the travel time which I am happy to do, but I can also recommend operators in other districts if I can’t do it myself.


While the grass isn’t growing so much I also do rural fencing, see some photos here. Fencing for stock animals and dogs, or just for appearance, such as post and rail front entrances, or to define a boundary.

I have a Munro side shift post driver with telescopic mast for driving posts up to three metres in length. I generally cut my own posts when we’re using hardwood, I’m lucky enough to work with timber cutters who have good access to timber.

When using steel, I prefer to use Australian Waratah posts and wire, because I think it’s better quality than the imported stuff.

I’m don’t mind saying that I don’t aim to be the cheapest contractor in the district, I prefer to take a little bit more time and do a job that I’m happy with.

I can also drive your posts if you’re doing your own fencing and just want the posts put in.     

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Araluen, Queensland, 4570, Australia

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