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Insight Meditation Point precis

1. A standard meditation is of one hour duration with three rules. The spine needs to be straight and erect with eyes closed and the body still. Only if necessary move the body to relieve pain or discomfort while maintaining the meditation awareness.


2. The quality of the meditation is determined by how well you maintain meditation awareness and not by how long or often you meditate. Allow the thoughts and sensations to come and go while maintaining the discipline of the meditation exercise. If your thoughts do move away continuously bring them back to your meditation awareness.


3. A meditator needs to meditate at least 2 one hour sessions each day in order to maintain currently achieved meditation ability. It is best to practice intensively for 10 or 11 one hour sessions each day for 10 days a month if you seek to achieve the continuous meditation state.


4. The point of interaction between the Over soul energy coming down and the degree of resistance in our being determines the level of awareness or degree of consciousness of the individual. Resistance is progressively dissolved with meditation practice. Correspondingly the level of awareness will be increased! In addition the more resistance you have dissolved then the less you will demonstrate reactive behaviour. You learn the true art of surrender, which is non-reaction.


5. The more successful you are at maintaining meditation awareness between sit down meditations then the more rapid your progress in meditation maturity will be.


6. Beginner meditation is the Anapana exercise, which prepares you for successful insight meditation practice. Soul energy flow is increasing from the first breath of Anapana practice. The meditation technique that you choose is only important in the aspect in that it enables you to gain awareness of the soul energy flow.


7. Insight meditation is a body scan with your awareness, which further increases soul energy flow.


8. The short term goal with insight meditation practice is the achievement of continuous meditation ability. This is where you hold your awareness within the soul energy flow at the third eye level or brow chakra. After this state is achieved then you no longer need to disrupt your life any further by attending the meditation center.


9. The longer term goal is the achievement of enlightenment, which signifies the final dissolution of all the remaining resistance in the body.


10. Psychic ability is a secondary consequence on the pathway to the final goal. The focus needs to be on process and not on the achievement of psychic abilities or results. Correct process will always lead to results 100% guaranteed.


11. Anyone seeking serious meditation ability will need to read diligently all the healing and meditation articles contained on this website. The more correctly prepared you are beforehand then the more likely you will achieve ultimate success.


12. No one will ever escape the wheel of rebirth without insight meditation practice taken to its final conclusion. Insight Meditation is defined as the conscious process of inducing or invoking the energy of the over soul to dissolve the resistance of ego or personality.


Energy healing centre

366, Oxley, 2, Margate, Queensland, 4019, Australia

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