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Natural Burial or Green Burial is the internment of a body in the soil in a manner that does not inhibit decomposition but allows the body to recycle naturally. It is an alternative to other contemporary western burial methods.

The body must be prepared without chemical preservatives or disinfectants such as embalming fluid, which might destroy the microbial decomposers that break the body down. The body may be buried in a biodegradable coffin, casket or shroud. The grave does not use a burial vault or outer burial container that would prevent the body’s contact with the soil. The grave should be shallow enough to allow microbial activity similar to that found in composting. Natural burials can take place both on private land (subject to regulations) and in any cemetery that will accommodate the vault-free technique.

Coffins used for the burial must be made of natural materials i.e. Pine or Wicker, without any metal/plastic fixings or lacquers. No grave markers or stones can be placed at the cemetery, however GPS coordinates can be given for grave locations.

Shrubs will be planted once interments have taken place. The council have not as yet produced any literature regarding Green Burials.

Enviro friendly urns: There are many options available. Call for more information and pricing

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Eco Funerals

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