Early inheritance has thorns warns expert

EXPECTATIONS of a parent's inheritance being large enough to help fund a home purchase by their children, can have challenging consequences for all involved.

Your estate planning should include digital assets

WILLS: Remember to include in your will details of how you want your digital assets handled.

Digital personal records should be included in your will.

Avoid getting hooked by scammer's phishing bait

SCAM WATCH: Older Australians are particularly vulnerable to phishing scams.

Take care with sharing your details on the phone and online.

Alternative conflict resolution option for Melbourne seniors

ELDER ABUSE SOLUTIONS: Serge Sardo, CEO of FMC Mediation and Counselling, announcing the new Melbourne support service.

NEW service targets dealing with elder abuse issues from early on.

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Innovative insurance product for those 50 and over

FutureWell Insurance is excited to announce the launch of a new insurance product designed for Australians aged 50 and over.

It's no joke, private health costs are going up

Another price pike will force many older Australians out of private health insurance.

CAN you afford another increase in your health cover?

What to do after a disaster hits

Take photos before cleaning up and make a list of everything that has been damaged to assist your claim.

Take photos before cleaning up and make a list of damaged items

Can investing in banknotes make you money?

ANDREW Heaven, an AMP financial planner at WealthPartners Financial Solutions, talks about the pros and cons of investing in banknotes.

Should you worry if you are charged rebalance fees?

MONEY: Understanding rebalancing costs of managed funds.

Learn from the Coach about managed funds rebalance costs.

When does share sales trigger capital gains tax?

MONEY: Learn when capital gains tax can impact the sale of shares.

Keeping good asset purchase records is important to CGT calcs.

Can I add my coin collection to my super fund?

COLLECTABLES: Can you put a coin collection into our self-managed super fund?

Tips on whether you can add collectables to your SMSF.

Is it time to change your retirement vehicle?


Insurance bonds or investment bonds are worth considering.

How much is needed to fund a comfortable retirement?

HOW much is enough for a comfortable retirement? The estimates keep climbing higher.

Limit your SMSF borrowing to the house

SUPERANNUATION: The rules governing borrowing by super funds are complex.

The rules governing borrowing by super funds are complex.

Super laws already give same-sex couples equality

SUPERANNUATION: Regardless of your relationship, the super law doesn't discriminate.

Australian superannuation law does not discriminate.

Learn about workers super tax treatment changes


Rules for deduction of personal super contributions have changed.

Downsizing to upsize your super


LEARN more about downsizing your home to upsize you super balance.

Buyer beware when it comes to Bitcoins


WHAT is Bitcoin and how exactly does it work?

Foregoing retirement to raise second generation

GRANDPARENTS are being sandwiched between acting as parents to the younger generation and trying to help manage their own children's wellbeing.

Learn about available help for independent living

MONEY: What form of assistance is my parent entitled to and who should we contact for help?

Learn what assistance is available and who to contact for help.

Young people fear robots will steal their jobs

Nicole Robinson is a psychology PhD student at QUT who is working with robots. She is with "Andy”.

The #WTF campaign wants your ideas on this hot-button topic.

The money wasters costing Aussies more than $5000 a year

Could you tighten up your budget to save cash?

Avoidable spending is hurting household budgets

Retirement age: Baby boomers to rescue millennials

Those retiring now will need a superannuation lump sum of at least $615,000.

Next generation face $4 million retirement fund.