Grandma's cookbook: Recipes to spark taste buds, memory

THE best recipes are the old recipes and we've got two of the very best straight from grandma's cookbook.

RECIPE: Mez's Cauli Salad

I HAVE had this salad many times and it is healthy and tastes great.

RECIPE: Delicious BBQ Prawns and Garlic Mayo

BBQ marinated prawns are a simple addition to the meal.

These BBQ prawns are so easy to make.

Recycling can be a good daily habit

GO GREEN: National Recycling Week 2017 is from Monday, November 13 to Sunday, November 19 but all year round is ideal.

There are many ways to donate, trade and exchange unwanted items.

RECIPE: How to cook the perfect steak

Perfect medium-rare steak.

I like to use a nice piece of rump for the barbie.

RECIPE: Easy Chocolate Truffles

Easy Chocolate Truffles.

THESE little beauties are from my childhood

Recipe: Double Choc fudge cookies

DELICIOUS: Double Choc Fudge Cookies.

DELICIOUS cookies to have with a great cup of coffee

Get crafty with your grandkids

PREPARATION: Paper mache can be a fun activity to enjoy with your grandchildren. Just keep ahead of the mess.

Aim to impress with your handy craft skills.