Date listed: 11/7/2019

Commercial Cleaners. Fully Compliant with New Labour Hire Licencing Laws.

We are Australia’s Fastest Growing Commercial Cleaning Company

Founded in 2009 we are Australia’s fastest growing commercial cleaning company with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide, and have built our business and reputation on reliability, consistency, excellence and customer satisfaction.

Why is our Labour Licence law compliance so important to you?

 Labour hire licencing laws are still relatively new, they came in force in Qld on the 15th June 2019 and will be in force in Victoria from 29 October 2019 and in SA from the 1st Nov. Businesses that are not compliant, or individuals or businesses that enter into an arrangement with a company to supply services who itself is non-compliant (that means you), face fines ranging from $120,000 (for a person) to $500,000 for a corporation. It is even possible to be jailed for up to 3 years in both Qld and SA.

Prosecutions are already underway. A & J Group Services Pty Ltd was the first business found guilty in Qld and on 20th June, they were fined $60,000 in the Stanthorpe Magistrates Court for operating without a licence.

That’s why it’s so important for you to know that all our staffing arrangements comply with every relevant Australian labour hire law, as well as the Fair Work Act 2009, and all WH&S legislation in all states of Australia.

Australia’s ‘Smartest’ Cleaning Company, we use Proprietary Technology that has redefined Service in our Industry.

e are also Australia’s ‘smartest’ cleaning & facilities management company and equip our cleaners and our customers with game changing technology that redefines the meaning of service in the cleaning industry. We call this technology a ‘Smarter Way’.

A ‘Smarter Way’ is an integrated suite of proprietary, cloud-based applications that enable our people to reliably manage all the cleaning, maintenance and facilities management tasks on your site, while providing the most transparent and accountable cleaning service ever seen.

For the first time ever your facilities management team can see logs of critical cleaning and maintenance tasks performed on site, as they are completed, in real time! Using a ‘Smarter Way’, our cleaners and maintenance staff log the completion of critical tasks as they are completed, on their mobile phones. Your management team can then view these logs instantaneously, including citing photographic evidence of the completion of critical tasks.

These cleaning and management systems are so advanced, we can plug an entire cleaning and maintenance department into a company with national infrastructure (multiple sites in multiple states), on any given day, seamlessly, without causing any disruption to your core business, and one month later your management team can print detailed reporting and be able to compare any sites performance against another’s, and against accreditation benchmarks. You can even measure and analyse key performance indicators such as time spent on site, accidents and injuries in the workplace, or anything else, and follow any escalation of issues entered into the system, right through to resolution.

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